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Renewable Energy

Solar energy, which is harnessed from the sun’s light, is a renewable energy source because it isn’t depleted when used. Instead, the sun naturally regenerates, or renews, its photovoltaic energy at a rate exponentially faster than humans can harvest that energy. It is an inexhaustible source of energy due to the continuously occurring nuclear fusion reaction inside the core of the sun.

In July 2020, to join the renewable energy movement by making use of the suns abundant energy, Embree Elevator, with its main office roof encompassing 6,300 square feet of open space, installed a 34 kilowatt solar array encompassing a system of 140 panels. As of September, 2023 the system has produced, into the electric grid, 192 Megawatt Hours of energy. This production level would generate enough power to supply 160 homes for one month and provide direct reduction in CO2 emissions by an estimated 295,000 pounds.

Solar Panels
Fleet of Embree Service Vehicles

What Can be Done with 1 Megawatt Hour of Power?

1 Megawatt Hour (MWH) equals 1,000 Kilowatts of electricity generated per hour


Months of power for the average American home


Miles driving an electric vehicle


Slices of bread toast


Year of powering two 60-watt lightbulbs non-stop


Running two modern refrigerators for a year


Months of running an average home pool pump