Tips for Reliable Elevator Service

Office Elevator

Keeping your elevators in optimal operating condition is critical to the productivity of your business and moving people in and out of your building, whether they are customers, employees or residents. Are you seeking to avoid elevator service interruptions? Follow these easy tips to assist with proper maintenance and reliable operation of your elevator systems.

Keep a Log of Your Elevator’s Operational Problems

Maintain a log recording how often and when service issues arise. The frequency and timing of issues may be a helpful tool in diagnosing any problems. Your Embree Elevator Service Technician can easily refer to this log to get to the solution quicker by noting any recurring patterns such as problems occurring during peak usage times and odd sounds that might pop up at regular times of the day. This will facilitate your ability to avoid being caught without operating elevators in your building. A small effort can reap great rewards in elevator service reliability.

Conduct Daily Elevator Visual Checks

Match this up with your daily elevator logs, and you’ll never forget to do either! When checking your elevator, make sure there’s no vandalism and everything’s in normal working condition. Note anything out of the ordinary and listen for any sounds that might indicate an impending issue. Track even the smallest changes to keep your eye out for any patterns. When elevator service is required, information is an invaluable tool for the technician to keep your elevators running at peak performance.

Never Attempt Repairs on Your Own

Elevator systems are complex and may subject an untrained person attempting repairs to risk of serious injury. Additionally, many elevator systems today maintain an electronic record of the circumstances occurring at the time of the elevator went out of service. Any effort to repair the elevator, including shutting off the main power disconnect, likely will result in resetting any noted system faults and will make troubleshooting and completing the necessary repair difficult and in many circumstances impossible. The resulting repeat service visits will increase down time for the elevator system, cause unanticipated business interruption and unnecessarily escalate costs.

Don’t Keep Malfunctioning Equipment in Operation

Don’t allow broken, worn or malfunctioning items to remain in your elevator systems operating environment. Elevator switches and door equipment and other critical components are prone to wear. The bulbs that light switches and buttons will eventually burn out. Cab lights may burn out or break. It’s imperative that these items, as well as many others, are repaired by your Embree Elevator service technician at the earliest opportunity to prevent nuisance complaints and unanticipated service interruptions.

Avoid Industrial Cleaners

The operating fixtures, door components and cab interiors of an elevator can be prone to corrosion when an unexpected or harsh substance is applied. Strong industrial cleaners may cause corrosion and lead to mechanical failures. It’s best to completely avoid using cleaners on elevator components. It is recommended you contact your Embree Elevator Service Technician with any questions regarding cleaners to be used.

Stick to the Recommended Weight Guidelines

If your elevators are used for transporting goods or general heavy items, make sure the staff managing this process are aware of the weight guidelines for your elevators. Overloading an elevator can cause accelerated wear on critical components and negatively impact the elevator system operating smoothly, without bumps or pauses. At the extremes, overloading may cause a very real risk of danger to occupants inside of the elevator as well as the product being transported and consequently interruptions in business operations. What’s the general guideline to follow? Avoid transporting anything that weighs over a quarter of the elevator’s total maximum capacity. Consult your Embree Elevator service technician with any questions or for further clarification.

At Embree Elevator our technicians are highly experienced professionals who are experts at maintaining elevator systems and keeping them performing at their optimum.